[Creator/Writer/Star Diarra Kilpatrick and Guest Star Simone Missick]

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on Karen Hunter’s SiriusXM show in NYC. We had a great conversation about the entertainment industry and I had the pleasure of catching up with one of my high school friends, co-host Sylvia K Alston.

Check out the interview below, plus a few snaps from my most recent project, “AMERICAN KOKO” created by Diarra Kilpatrick and produced by JuVee Productions and National Picture Show for ABC Digital.

Coming soon!

[Listen to the Interview]

[Picking up b-roll]

[Test shoot screengrab with co-star Miles Orion Feld and Diarra Kilpatrick]

[B-roll and Safety Jackets]

[360 Degree Track on Day 1]

[The Agents of E.A.R., including Cedric Sanders and Elaine Kao]

[So much comedic talent: Cleo King (2nd from left), Zainab Johnson (3rd from right), Tammi Mac (middle)]

[DP Antonio Cisneros, Prod. Designer Adriana Serrano, and Costume Designer Dominique Dawson]