Writing “The Russian Specialist” for Dolph Lundgren was a great break, but it wasn’t until Bryan began writing novels and comics like “7 Days From Hell”, “Batman and The Outsiders”, and ‘Chariot’ that his career took off. Just this week came the announcement of his “Bitter Root” adaptation, to be directed by Regina King. On this episode, Bryan joins Pete to talk about the challenge that came with being a Black man breaking into screenplay writing, the importance of rebranding and understanding the “why?”, the pitch process, lessons learned from working with comics, his upcoming projects and more

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(00:00:00- 00:04:15) — Pete’s Intro
(00:04:15- 00:12:00) — Early Interests In Film
(00:12:00- 00:22:40) —Expanding The Black Narrative
(00:22:40- 00:30:00) —Writing ‘The Russian Specialist’ In Spain
(00:30:00- 00:36:40) —Being Vulnerable And Taping Into Emotions As A Writer
(00:36:40- 00:41:00) —Moving To Hollywood And Staying Determined
(00:41:00- 00:47:25) —Branding And Getting Into Comics
(00:47:25- 00:48:20) — “Transitions: A Directors Journey And Motivational Handbook” Promo
(00:48:20- 01:03:35) — The “Pitch” Process
(01:03:35- 01:08:20) — Knowing And Understanding The “Why?”
(01:08:20- 01:12:10) — Properly Presenting Yourself On Socials
(01:12:10- 01:14:15) — Lessons Learned From Working With Comics
(01:14:15- 01:18:15) — Upcoming Projects
(01:18:15- 01:26:10) — Advice For Directors And Being Genuine
(01:26:10- 01:28:18) — Pete’s Outro

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