Directing may seem like a simple task at first glance, but understanding the behind the scenes work that goes into mastering a creative position is a major step when it comes to success in the craft. In this special Business Episode, Pete Chatmon discusses what Directors make, the expenses Directors incur in order to present themselves professionally, a day in the life of a Director, and more

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(00:00:00- 00:05:40) — Pete’s Intro
(00:05:40- 00:11:30) — Understanding Directing And Shooting Styles
(00:11:30- 00:17:10) — Who Is Getting Hired: Episodic Directing Stats
(00:17:10- 00:28:20) — How Much Does A Director Make?
(00:28:20- 00:35:25) — What Is Needed To Present Yourself As A Director?
(00:35:25- 00:36:25) — “Transitions: A Directors Journey And Motivational Handbook” Promo
(00:36:25- 00:42:33) — Who Is On A Directors “Team”?
(00:42:33- 00:45:30) — What Is The Directors Attitude?
(00:45:30- 00:47:50) — A Day In The Life Of A Director
(00:47:50- 00:48:34) — Pete’s Outro

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