INSECURE Season 2 has been getting rave reviews and the show was recently renewed for a Season 3! Check out what Vulture had to say about DUE NORTH, the “show-within-the-show’ that I had the pleasure of directing, starring Regina Hall, Scott Foley, Michael Jai White and more…

Even in a world with too many TV shows to keep track of, there are a few that still demand appointment viewing: Game of Thrones, or the block of Thursday night Shondaland series, or maybe Due North. You might not have heard of that last one, but in the world of HBO’s Insecure, Due North is must-see TV. A soap set in the pre–Civil War South, it stars Regina Hall as a slave named Ninny, Scott Foley as the master she’s in love with, and there’s even a consumptive child watching everything from the shadows.

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