BlackCard | Short Film | HBO

Directed By Pete Chatmon | Written By Tony Patrick
14 Minutes

Logline: In a culture requiring an ID Card and commitment to the code, an African-American couple is about to find out just how far the boundaries can be pushed…

BlackCard walks a tightrope of tone as it deals satirically with race, touching upon cultural issues with comedy, drama, and even romance. I worked to create a world where our protagonists, Leonard and Lona, are depicted as real characters, but The Commission and its members are caricatures. It was important to introduce The Commission as an organization that instilled fear, so we shot the street scene on the MoVi to create a free flowing sense of deliberate movement that will not be stopped. The drum heavy score was designed to underline this emotion.

Starring: Dorian Missick (“Monster”, “Animal Kingdom”), Simone Missick (Marvel’s “Luke Cage”, “The Defenders”), Hisham Tawfiq (“The Blacklist”), Stephen Hill (“Maniac”), Erika Myers (“Law & Order SVU”), Malikha Mallette (“Blindspot”), April Matthis (“Instinct”, CBS), Valence Thomas (“World of Warcraft”), Michael Markham (“Law & Order), Nasser Metcalfe (“Money and Violence”), and Vladimir Versailles (“Side Effects”).