American Koko (2017) | Webseries | ABC

2 Seasons, 12 Episodes | Shot on Arri Amira | On Location in Los Angeles
Completed : Summer 2017

This ABC original webseries is executive produced by Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s JuVee Productions and created by Diarra Kilpatrick, who also stars in the series. I had the pleasure of directing both seasons of the show over a 15 day shoot. We essentially shot a feature film that would be edited into the individual episodes. This show was another tone tightrope, as I like to say, juxtaposing drama, comedy, politics, and romance with finesse.

SYNOPSIS: Akosua Millard, codenamed “Koko”, investigates and solves sticky racial situations in a post post-racial America as a member of the E.A.R. Agency (Everybody’s A little bit Racist). As she and her team of specialists tackle cases, she herself is trying to reconcile the trauma of her past that has led to outbursts of her Angry Black Woman syndrome. It gets in the way of her work…and more importantly, her dating life as her latest boyfriend may be the downfall to her and the agency!

American Koko | Season 1 from Double7 Images on Vimeo.

American Koko | Season 2 from Double7 Images on Vimeo.